Registration: Leadership Moves

Step One

If you have already spoken with Heather Kaye and have been invited into the program, please submit your application, see Step Two, and pay your tuition, see Step Three.

If not, send an email to arrange a phone call with Heather Kaye. Take a moment to read the Rules of Engagement and Withdrawal and Refund Policy below.

Contact Heather Kaye

Rules of Engagement

Each participant in the Executive Circle is asked to agree to the Rules of Engagement below.

  • Commit to the process. This is a small group and everyone’s commitment, openness and vulnerability is important to build cohesiveness and trust.
  • Arrive on time. Being late is disrespectful to other participants, is a not a positive leadership move and impacts your reputation and integrity with the group.
  • Participate fully. Be willing to share openly and honestly, challenge your own assumptions, and provide as well as receive feedback.
  • Keep confidentiality. You will learn confidential information about individuals and organizations, be sure it stays in the room and is not repeated.
  • Practice generous listening. Keep an open mind and don’t rush to any judgments or conclusions of others or their situations.
  • Pay it forward. Share your learning with your staff (and colleagues).
  • Attend the sessions. Your full participation is highly valued in such a small group. Please hold this to commitment to attend all sessions as a priority.
  • Suggest new participants for the upcoming year (if you find the process valuable).

Step Two


All fields must be filled out.

    Your Contact Information

    [text* your-organization "Organization]

    Check to verify that you have read and agree to the Rules of Engagement and Withdrawal and Refund Policy.

    What’s working really well for you right now?

    What are the primary challenges or ceilings you are facing (professional and/or personal)?

    What do you want to shift/change….and why?

    What goals and/or expectations do you have for the program?

    Have you ever engaged a leadership coach? Share your experience.

    Step Three

    Program Tuition

    Your place in the program is not secure without meeting the financial obligations outlined.

    Nonprofit Signup
    Deposit: $1,000 due by June 15, 2017
    Balance: $3,295 due by August 1, 2017
    Nonprofit Full Tuition: $4,295

    For Profit Signup
    Deposit: $1,000 due by June 15, 2017
    Balance: $3,795 due by August 1, 2017
    Nonprofit Full Tuition: $4,795


    Secure payment with PayPal.
    Major credit cards accepted.

    Tuition for Non-profits:

    Deposit $1,000

    Balance $3,295

    Full Tuition $4,295


    Tuition for Profits:

    Deposit $1,000

    Balance $3,795

    Full Tuition $4,795

    Program Withdrawal and
    Refund Policy

    Prior to the start of the program, written notification of your withdrawal, letter or e-mail, is required. Deposits ($1,000) are non-refundable. If you withdraw from the program more than 60 days from start of the program, your payment will be refunded within two weeks of written withdrawal notification. No refunds will be given within sixty days of the commencement of the program. Transfer of your spot is permissible, with approval.


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