Recommended Reading List

It can be easy to get caught in the details. As leaders, it’s important to keep up with current trends and research. These articles include the best and brightest in our field.
—Heather Kaye


Recommended TED talks

from EC Leaders

Hannah Arendt:  The Life of the Mind, Eichmann in Jerusalem

Joanna Barsh:  Centered Leadership;  How Remarkable Women Lead

Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in Action TED Talk

Juana Bordas: Salsa, Soul and Spirit:  Leadership for a Multicultural Age

Mary Boone

Rachel Carson:  Silent Spring

Sheila Wellington: Advancing Women in Business — The Catalyst Guide: Best Practices from Corporate Leaders

Amy Cuddy: Presence

Amy Edmondson:  Building the Future: Big Teaming for Audacious Innovation

Mary Parker Follett: The Essentials of Leadership

Erica Ariel Fox:  Winning From Within

Julia Galef: TED Talk on  Why You think You’re Right — Even if You’re Wrong

Mary Gentile: Giving Voice to Values:  How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right

Malcolm Gladwell

Judith Glaser:  The DNA of Leadership

Tracy Goss, The Last Word on Power

Sunil Govinnage:  Washington Post article: I read books by only minority authors for a year. It showed me just how white our reading world is.

Sally Helgesen:  The Female Advantage: Women’s Ways of Leadership

Herminia Ibarra:  Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

Van Jones: Rebuild the Dream

Rosabeth Moss Kanter:  The Change Masters; When Giants Learn to Dance

Phyllis Korki: The Big Thing

Anne Lamott:  Bird by Bird

Kathy Lubar, Leadership Presence

Nelson Mandela:  The Long Walk to Freedom

Kelly McGonigal: The Science of Compassion; The Willpower Instinct

Donelli Meadows, Thinking in Systems

Fred Miller:  Opening Doors to Teamwork and Collaboration

Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch:  Leading From the Front-  No Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women

Virginia O’Brien: Success on Our Own Terms: Tales of Extraordinary Business Women

Queen Elizabeth I’s Speech to the Troops at Tilbury and The Golden Speech

Lynn Sharp Paine: Value Shift

Brute Regine, Iron Butterflies

Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith:  Legacy Leadership

Karlin Sloan:  Smarter, Faster, Better

Diana Smith:  The Elephant in the Room:  How Relationships Make or Break the Success of Leaders and Organizations

Amy Jen Su: Own the Room:  Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence

Chade-Meng Tan: Search Inside Yourself

David Thomas:  Breaking Through

Rosalinda Torres TED Talk on What it Takes to be a Great Leader

Sojourner Truth: Ain’t I a Woman

Barbara Waugh: The Soul in the Computer:  The Story of a Corporate Revolutionary

Meg Wheatley

Fields Wicker-Miurin:  TED Talk on Learning From Leadership’s Missing Manual

Leaders to read about:  Colin Powell; Oprah; Aun San Suu Kyi; Golda Meir; Indira Ghandi; Benazir Bhutto; Betty Sue Flowers; Desmond Tutu
There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing, by Adam Grant, New York Times, April 19, 2021

Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle, by Brené with Emily and Amelia Nagoski, Spotify, March 22, 2021

Christine Runyan — What’s Happening in Our Nervous Systems‪?‬, by Krista Tippett, On Being—Apple Podcast, March 18, 2021

The New Rules of Leadership‬, by Brene Brown and Abby Wambach, Dare to Lead—Spotify Podcast, March 17, 2021

Four Reasons You’re Tired of Zoom Calls — and What To Do About It, by Paulina Firozi and Allyson Chiu, Washington Post, March 3, 2021

Leading From Anywhere: Coaching Leaders of Remote Teams, by David Burkus, Institute of Coaching on Venmo, February 25, 2021

CoachX Conversations: Paul Zak on the Neuroscience of Connection, by Jeff Hull and Paul Zak, Institute of Coaching on Venmo, February 17, 2021

How to Stay Optimistic (When Everything Is Awful), by Paulina Firozi and Allyson Chiu, Harvard Business Review, February 25, 2021

Stanford Researchers Identify Four Causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their Simple Fixes, by Bill Taylor, Stanford, February 23, 2021

Brené with Kevin Oakes on Cultural Renovation, by Kevin Oakes and Brené Brown, Brené Brown’s Website, January 11, 2021

7 Steps for Mindful Performance Reviewsby Bridgette Morehouse, Mindful Leader, December 8, 2020

What Inclusive Leaders Sound Likeby Noah Zandan and Lisa Shalett, Harvard Business Review, November 19, 2020

Self-Compassion Will Make You a Better Leaderby Rich Fernandez and Steph Stern, Harvard Business Review, November 9, 2020

Anyone Can Learn to Be a Better Leaderby Monique Valcour, Harvard Business Review, November 4, 2020

Maintaining Organizational Soul While Onboarding In A Remote World, by Rajshree Agarwal, Forbes, September 8, 2020

Ending Racism: How to Change the World in One Generationby Justin Michael Williams, Justin Michael Williams Blog, August 28, 2020

Reimagining the office and work life after COVID-19, by Brodie Boland, Aaron De Smet, Rob Palter, and Aditya Sanghvi, McKinsey & Company, June 8, 2020

17 Ways to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19 That Aren’t Happy Hours, by Lucy Leonard, Namely Blog, April 27, 2020

COVID-19 Recovery: Preparing Your Organization and Volunteer Program, by Galaxy Digital, April 15, 2020

Planning For A Post-COVID Environment, by David Levin, Chief Executive, April 1, 2020

Welcome! Onboarding New Employees Is Key to Hiring Success, by Emily Heaslip, US Chamber of Commerce, February 6, 2020

The Intersectionality Wars, by Jane Coaston, Vox, May 28, 2019

Why Opening Up at Work Is Harder for Minorities, by Katherine Phillips, Harvard Business Review, August 7, 2018

How Meditation Changes Your Brain — and Your Lifeby Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson, Lion’s Roar, May 7, 2018
How to use subliminal messaging to your advantage in business and in lifeby Jeff Stibel, USA Today, March 27, 2018

The 4 Underlying Principles Of Changing Your Brainby Tara Swart, Forbes, March 27, 2018

How showing vulnerability helps build a stronger teamby Daniel Coyle, TED.ITEAS, February 20, 2018

Yes, It’s Hard to be a Man in the #MeToo #TimesUp Era. And it Should Tom Krattenmaker, USA Today, January 17 – 2018

How to Employers Accountable During the #TimesUp and #Metoo Movementby Melissa Jun Rowley, Forbes, January 29 – 2018

Why Some Women Can’t Get Behind #MeToo—But Wouldn’t Dare Admit Itby Paula Fernandes, Chatelaine , January 9, 2018

Why sexual harassment training doesn’t stop harassmentby Jena McGregor, The Washington Post—On Leadership, November 17, 2017

4 Steps to Clearer Communications, by The Chronicle of Philanthropy – October 10, 2017

15 New Fundraising Ideas That Workedby The Chronicle of Philanthropy – August 1, 2017

Is Your Nonprofit Built for Sustained Innovation?by Standford Social Innovation Review – August 1, 2017

How to Do Less and Live More, by Kris Carr – June 2017

The Gratitude of Leaders, by The Coach Initiative – July 16, 2017

5 Smart Fundraising Tips From Wealthy Donors, by Maria Di Mento, The Chronicles of Philanthropy – September 7, 2017

Superwealthy Donors Say Fundraisers Who Do Their Homework Get the Big Gifts, by Maria Di Mento, The Chronicles of Philanthropy – June 22, 2017

The Most Charitable Cities in America, by Ben Paynter, Fast Company – June 6, 2017

What Sets Successful CEOs Apart?, by Elena Lytkina Botelho, Kim Rosenkoetter Powell, Stephen Kincaid, Dina Wan, Harvard Business Review – May/June Issue, 2017

What makes a CEO ‘exceptional?’, by Michael Birshan, Thomas Meakin, and Kurt Strovink, McKinsey & Company – April 2017

How to Overcome Executive Isolation, by Ron Ashkenas, Harvard Business Review – February 2, 2017

Advice for Nonprofit Leaders: How to Navigate an Unpredictable Political Landscape., by Peter Fissinger, Nonprofit News – January 30, 2017

Battle Lines Being Drawn Between Trump, Rest Of GOP, On Tax Reform: Where Do They Stand?, by Tony Nitti , Forbes – January 19, 2017

Nonprofit Workplace Challenges Predicted for 2017, Nonprofit Times – January 6, 2017

Nonprofits Need to Stand Together to Push for Smart Public Policies, by Tim Delaney and David L. Thompson, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – January 4, 2017

Nonprofits and Trump’s First 100 Days, by Andy Segedin , Nonprofit Times – January 3, 2017

5 Fundraising Topics You’ll Need to Master in 2017, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – January 3, 2017

National Council of Nonprofits’ 2017 Public Policy Agenda, National Council of Nonprofits – January, 2017

Uncertainty: D.C.-area nonprofits gear up for a Trump administration, by Carolyn M. Proctor, Washington Business Journal – December 16, 2016

10 ways the nonprofit sector must adapt to the new reality, by Vu Le, Nonprofit with Balls – November, 2016

Pausing to Acknowledge: Is There Election-Related Trauma in Your Workplace?, by Ruth McCambridge, Nonprofit Quarterly – November 10, 2016

Heeding the Voice of the Woman Donor, by Andrea Pactor, LinkedIn – November 3, 2016

Women Power and That Thing We Do, by Terrie Lupburger, The Huffington Post – October 10, 2016

Stop touting the crazy hours you work. It helps no one., by Jena McGregor, The Washington Post, On Leadership – September 1, 2016

Working more than 55 hours a week is bad for you–in many ways, by Jena McGregor, The Washington Post, On Leadership – August 24, 2016

The weird thing that happens when you put more women in the boardroom, by Danielle Paquette, The Washington Post, Wonkblog – May 24, 2016

Hey foundation trustees, come get a beer with us, by Vu Le, Nonprofits with Balls – May 31, 2016

The Elements of Uncomfortable Work Conversations, HRB Video – May 20, 2016

The Work Conversations We Dread the Most, According to Research, by Kerry Jones, Harvard Business Review – April 11, 2016

Dear Business People, Please Stop Bizplaining Things to Us Nonprofit Folks, Nonprofit with Balls – March 21, 2016

Want to be a better leader? Observe more and react less, by Manish Chopra, McKinsey Report – February, 2016

To Be an Authentic Leader, Practice Every Day, by Bruce Jones, Harvard Business Review – February 16, 2016

Viewpoint: Greater Washington nonprofits can’t keep working in isolation, by Lisa Helfert, The Washington Business Journal – February 12, 2016

The Art and Science of Well Being at Work by Lucia Rahilly, McKinsey&Company – February 2016

10 Steps for Success as a Nonprofit CEO, by Atul Tandon, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – February 11, 2016

How People Learn to become Resilient, by Maria Konnikova, The New Yorker – February 11, 2016

To Better Copy with Stress Listen To Your Body, by Gretchen Reynolds, New York Times – January 13, 2016

Empowered Women Are Changing Philanthropy. These Experts Explain How, by Kiersten Marek, Inside Philanthropy – January 13, 2016

Research Based Ways to Win at Work, by Sarah Green Carmichael, Harvard Business Review – December 28, 2105

Nine Leadership Books to Watch out for in 2016, by Jena McGregor, The Washington Post – December 28, 2015

Your grandmother was right. Slouching is bad for you–and maybe your career, by Jena McGregor, The Washington Post – December 16, 2015

What Amazing Bosses Do Differently, by Sydney Finkelstein, Harvard Business Review – November 27, 2015

Can Nonprofits Switch from Scarcity to Abundance Mindsets When It Comes to Self Care?, by Beth Kanter- November 27, 2015

5 Habits of Truly Disruptive Leaders, by Faisal Hoque, Fast Company – November 9, 2015

What Generous People’s Brains Do Differently by Nicole Torres, Harvard Business Review – October 1, 2015

From Anguish to Balance, Standfords Social Innovation Review – September 1, 2015

Scientists to Charities: You’re doing it all Wrong, by Michael Anft, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – March 30, 2015

What Science Says About Fundraising, The Chronicle of Philanthropy – March 30, 2015

Better than Before, by Gretchen Rubin | March 2015

Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice, by Principles for Good – January 2015

Before the Law, by Jennifer Gonnerman | The New Yorker – 6 October 2014

Why I Hope to Die at 75, by Ezekiel J. Emanuel | The Atlantic – October 2014

The Many, Many, Many Things You Should Say “No” to at Work, by David Zax | Fast Company – 10 October 2014

Be Nice. Fund Results. Minimize Hassle. Help Out, by Kevin Starr | The New York Times – 27 October 2014

How to Practice Self-compassion, by Emma Seppala | Spirituality & Health – 28 October 2014

Cultural Coaching: Knowing When to Shut Up, by Erin Meyer | Harvard Business Review — January 2014

A Big Heart Open to God: A Conversation with Pope Francis, by Antonio Spadaro | America: The National Catholic Review – 30 September 2013

Triple-Strength Leadership, by Nick Lovegrove and Matthew Thomas | Harvard Business Review – September 2013

Jonathan Klein of Getty Images, on Useful Critiques, by Adam Bryant | The New York Times – 28 September 2013

Six Ways to Grow Your Job, by Herminia Ibarra | HBR Blog Network – 25 September 2013

NOBODY’S LOOKING AT YOU: Eileen Fisher and the art of understatement, by Janet Malcolm | The New Yorker – 23 September 2013

Four Areas Where Leaders Should Focus, by Peter Bregman |  HBR Blog Network – 3 September 2013

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?, by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic | HBR Blog Network – 22 August 2013

It’s Time to Cut Through the Hype of Impact Investing, by William Burckart | The Chronicle of Philanthropy – 19 August 2013

Unease at the Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions, by Nicholas Confessore and Amy Chozick | The New York Times – 13 August 2013

The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day, by Glenn Llopis | – 18 February 2013

Hanh LeGroupon’s CEO writes the best resignation letter ever, by Brad Plumer | The Washington Post WonkBlog – 1 March 2013

Leadership Renewal: From Good to Great, by Susan Collin Marks | Skoll World Forum and Forbes – 9 April 2013

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