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Join this amazing group of women leaders. Come with an open mind and open heart to talk and to listen.

Executive Circle for Women

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What’s it about?

Women’s Executive Circles are for women who lead – a team, an organization, a business – and want to engage in meaningful dialogue, with other women leaders, around the thinking and actions necessary to produce more impactful results. What’s unique about Women’s Executive Circles is that they integrate cutting-edge human development and leadership theory with practical applications and accountability processes so you take more empowered actions that are more consistent with what you most care about.

How does it work?

The format of Women’s Executive Circles has women leaders supporting other women leaders. Who better to understand the subtleties and multiplicities of challenges that women leaders face? The format also breaks the habit of isolation and separation so prevalent in the world today. In small groups of 12-14, you will engage in inspiring dialogues, problem solving and new learning that will have you generate a different way of thinking, being, and taking action in whatever field you work in.

How do I benefit?

The philosophy of Women’s Executive Circles is drawn on the best of both feminine and masculine approaches to leading since both are necessary to move action forward in the complex environments you work within. By participating in a Women’s Executive Circle you will become a more effective, impactful, and unstoppable leader. We will develop solutions to your persistent and complex problems. Together—we form a dependable network.

How do I join?

It’s easy. Contact either Heather Kaye or Terrie Lupberger to see if Executive Circle for Women is right for you.

Email Heather Kaye

Email Terrie LupbergerHeather Kaye

Heather Kaye

Heather Kaye

“Executive Circle has given me the opportunity to interact with leaders in the nonprofit community whose experience and wisdom help me be a better leader. We have interesting, tough and open discussions about issues that affect all of us. I can’t imagine another setting where I could have candid conversations. Every day I’m appreciative of this group for being available, for the ongoing support we provide to each other, and to Executive Circle for bringing us together.”
President, Compass

Terrie Lupberger

Terrie Lupberger

“I can’t recommend Terrie highly enough. She is very intelligent, a great listener, very intuitive, funny, a big empath, extremely reliable and trustworthy, has deep insights, assigned useful homework and readings, and was a delight to talk with on every occasion. Terrie has a gift for making people be their best selves. You will love working with her, and my guess is that you, too, will be sad when your coaching experience has come to an end.”
Doctor, Novelist, Humanitarian Aid Worker, TEDFellow

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