Executive Circle

for Women

  • Limited to 12-14 Members
  • Minimum Four-Years Experience
  • Confidential Safe Environment
  • Heather Kaye and
    Terrie Lupberger Facilitate
  • Executive Coaching Available
  • Nonprofit Pricing

Executive Circle for Women

Creating bold results—together

Executive Circle for Women is a program of small groups of professional women who come together to engage in supportive conversations and new learning that help them learn how to thrive in the face of common leadership challenges such as:

  • Producing results without sacrificing core values
  • Managing overwhelm and over-commitment
  • Coming to terms with the double bind of how to lead powerfully and assertively while also wanting to be liked
  • Overcoming the fear of failure
  • Breaking the habit of isolation and “doing it alone”
  • Managing multiple roles (career, family, self-care) with ease and grace
  • Using your voice for greater impact

Combining the power of peer support with cutting edge business learning, women learn how to thrive while also generating results that matter. What makes this program unique is the caliber and commitment of the participants, the quality of the learning, and the deep, empowering conversations. Participants address the leadership ceilings (self-imposed and system imposed) they face and are encouraged to get into action to produce new results without sacrificing well-being. Most importantly, women become part of a diverse and energetic community of leaders where just-in-time support is always available!
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Executive Circle for Women


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The growth from this experience is taking place at the intersection of head, heart and soul. It is helping me establish a clear vision, communicate that vision over and over again, live a set of core values every day in word and deed, and develop talented individuals who will be next generation leaders.
—DB, Executive Director, Whitman-Walker Health

Each small group focuses on a particular theme. This one focuses on women who lead others. Whether you lead a team, project, department or entire organization this Executive Circle is for you if you:

  • Have a deep care and commitment to the results AND the people you lead and work with.
  • Want to include the healthiest aspects of both feminine and masculine values into your leadership approach.
  • Are willing to be stretched and challenged.
  • Are committed to improving your leadership style and team effectiveness.

Why Participate

  • Just-in-time support from a diverse and energetic community of leaders who have walked in your shoes
  • Feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to act in the face of resistance and overwhelm
  • New thinking and fresh ideas
  • Clarity around complex issues and solutions to solve chronic problems
  • Bold moves to execute on important strategies, goals or visions
  • New learning you can use to design a life that works

We offer a solid network of smart and caring professional women who will encourage and support you to take action consistent with what you care about.

Leading can be lonely and there are not many avenues to address that reality. I have found it to be a safe circle of personal and professional camaraderie, problem solving and collective visioning of a better quality of life for the residents we all serve.
—Kimberly Perry, Executive Director, DC Vote

How it Works

  • 14 to 16 female leaders, executives and managers from an eclectic group of organizations and businesses come together to share wisdom, experiences, challenges, support and solutions
  • Three meetings over twelve months; each meeting is a two-day retreat with one overnight stay. (Yes, past participants will tell you it’s worth the investment of time to get away for a night to give yourself space to reflect and create.)
  • Facilitation and coaching during the meetings using cutting-edge learning from the fields of business, feminine leadership, neuroscience, organizational development and team development.
  • Conference calls whenever a member has a hot issue and needs support in between meetings.
  • Coaching and the best in resource materials, as needed, between meetings

We have had interesting, tough and open discussions about issues that affect all of us. I can’t imagine another setting where I could have these candid conversations. Every day I’m appreciative of this group for being available if I need advice, for the ongoing support we provide to each other, and to Executive Circle for bringing us together.
—Suzanne Laporte, President, Compass



Your Guides

Executive Circle for Women is facilitated by Heather Kaye and Terrie Lupberger, both senior executive coaches and former executives. Together, they have more than 50 years of experience working with nonprofits, for-profits, government agencies and start-ups. They are both deeply committed to fostering bolder feminine leadership in organizations and businesses. Both are seasoned facilitators who are master coaches that manage the sessions with an eye on producing maximum benefit for each participant.


There is a huge benefit of going off site that provides an opportunity to deepen relationships and to focus on the collective learning…the commitment of reflective time without distractions has had a big pay off. I am grateful for the opportunity for personal and professional development with strong support as well as a commitment to continuous learning.

Tamara Smith | Chief Executive Officer | YWCA National Capital Area

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